Molasses: The building block of our rum

Molasses: The building block of our rum
Photo by Badagnani / Wikimedia Commons

How do you make rum?

Well. This is a question that can go several different ways.

In general, rum is made from sugar cane juice, which is squeezed from the cane.

You can ferment the juice directly, using yeast and heat to create denatured alcohol, which is then distilled.

Or you can cook the juice down into a syrup, and then you ferment and distill that.

Or you can cook the syrup further down into molasses and sugar crystals. The molasses is then fermented and distilled into rum.

So how is Trigger made? How do we make rum?

Molasses is the building block of Trigger Rum.

Once distilled, the molasses distillate isn’t done. Trigger is aged in in oak barrels. Like wine, rum ages over time, and grows more complex in flavor and composition as it ages. Some rum can be ready in three years, some in nine years, some in 12 years, and others not for decades.

Take a sip, and Trigger your moment, knowing that the aged sweetness you taste started in a sun-soaked sugar cane field.