Our Story

What happens when a chemist and an engineer decide they want more from life than test tubes and design schematics?

We decided to use our engineering skills to move beyond instrumentation and AutoCad. We want to design something worth sipping.

Trigger was born out of our love of home brewing and distilling. Distilling not only requires an understanding of chemistry but a passion to create a high quality finished product.

We are putting our college degrees to work for the betterment of Texans’ tastebuds by developing a premium-quality spirit for a reasonable price.

The tradition of distilling rum from Texas sugar cane has been shelved for decades. We are dusting off the blueprints to create a true Texan rum built upon decades of experience from a family who knows their spirits.

We are learning the art of distilling from the Riascos family, who have perfected the art of turning sugarcane into high-quality, award-winning, smooth-tasting rum at their distillery in Colombia.

We are at the leading edge of the distillery revolution in Texas. Our product is distilled for Texans — a distinctive rum that builds upon the history of the Texas’ sugar cane fields and triggers your tastebuds.